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Sorry there has been no updates. We were off for 20 months while we look for a new building. I also finally recovered this website. Im not sure how much longer I am going to use it. They have removed a few features that we need. Please keep visiting our FB page for up to date information.


30 years of R/C  This is the start of our 30th season. The season opener is Oct 13th 2016. We will also include a special race on November 4th and 5th to celebrate this huge achievement. I hope to see all of you there. So bring your cars/trucks, bring your friends, and lets have some fun.


I havent posted in a long time, but freewebs has made it hard to post results. I have loaded the results so far this season.

Please read the rules on the rules page.




Our 2014/2015 race season will begin Oct 16th. We have a couple of changes for you. Two new classes. We have decided to add two more classes to increase the fun.

Open class will be a class used IF your vehicle doesn't fit into the current class's. Cost is still the same.

Masters class will be a 40 and over class, but, the Masters choose what vehicles will be run from month to month. Since Masters have a lot of vehicles, it only makes sense to go this route. If one of the Masters don't have a vehicle the group chooses, well, we have other classes they can run in. Very simple. Cost is the same for this class as well. No changes.

See you soon.



Race season will begin October 17th 2013. Get your vehicles ready to run.

Rule Changes. We have made some significant rules changes regarding 3 classes. Spec Slash rules are now WAY more detailed, as well as motor limits on 2wd SCT and 4WD SCT. Please refer to our FB page for these changes.

Downriver RC


I want to thank all the racers who made thios winter race season fun and exciting. The 7th Annual Michigan Offroad Carpet Championships was great, as well as the Traxxas Slash 1000!! The 7th AMOCC had 96 entries, and we had alot of awesome door prizes! Thanks to all the sponsors!!

All results have been posted and updated.

See you next Fall!!





The race is in one month, get those registration forms in.

Some recent changes have been made to the spec slash class. Please read the updated rules as soon as possible.




On the flier for Saturdays race, we have a Mod SCT, and a 17.5 SCT. If we dont have enough entries to fill either class, the classes will merge to Mod SCT.



The Big race is on!! 

April 5 and 6 is the 7th Annual Michigan Offroad Carpet Championships.

April 7 is the Slash 1000

7th Amocc


Slash 1000

Slash 1000 rules

Slash 1000 registration

Damage Waiver


We will be starting Oct 11th 2012. We have added one new class, and have kept the others. The new class is the Traxxas Monster Jam spec class. You run the truck out of the box. Can change the radio gear. Other changes will be coming shortly. We will not be racing on Oct 26th, due to a schedule conflict with the hall. Hope to see you there.



The season has ended with our 2 big events. 6th Annual Michigan Offroad Carpet Championships, and The Traxxas Slash 1000. It was a great season for racing inside, and as always was alot of fun. I want to thank everybody who help run the track this year, and big thanks to Germania Hall and its members for giving us a great place to race at. Results from the past 3 events will be posted shortly. Hope to see you this summer.


6th Annual Michigan Offroad Carpet Championships Traxxas Slash 1000 date is set!
We have set a date of March 16th and 17th for the stadium race.
March 18th is the Slash 1000 race.

Visit the webpages to download and view all the information.


Downriver R/C is moving.

New season begins Oct 13th

Our new location is

Germania Hall
23156 King Rd
Brownstown MI

We are moving for many reasons, the biggest reason is, the track will be bigger!! How much bigger??? Guess you need to come on Oct 13th and find out!!

Few other updates for everybody.
Entry Fee is now $12 for first entry. 2nd and 3rd are still $8

Any hardcase lipo is now accepted. The reason for this change is, the new lipos on the market are very well made cells. As long as the hardcase came from factory/manufacturer..all is good.

A few other things are: These are new people to us, and we are new to them. They are very excited about us moving in. We in turn need to be respectful, and polite. We need to keep this building clean, and make sure that they want us to stay. Lets keep our pit areas clean, and no swearing. Nuff said on that..

The doors will not open until 5:30p.m. Dont show up at 4 thinking you are getting in. It wont happen.

The fliers will be at Downriver Hobby this weekend, and on our website.

I hope to see you guys soon.



We are going to be opening up in October this year. We will give a exact date in the next 3 weeks. So be sure to mark your calendars for Thursday nights. Unfortunately, they have increased the rent on us again for this winter. We are trying to figure out a way to make extra money without raising entry fee. Since every dime we make goes to the Gibraltar race, and the rent went up, then we will be getting less money for Gibraltar. I know this will be hard to take, but the entry fee may go up. It will be the first increase in years. So please, don't be surprised if it happens. I will be adding any extra news or updates as decisions are being made.



I'm sorry I haven't updated these pages. Ive been busy moving, and other personal things going on. So here are some updates!
The 5th AMOCC ran extremely well. Track layout was awesome, racing was awesome, and lots of door prizes from the vendors. Special Thanks to all the vendors who sent us stuff. As soon as I get pictures, I will post them on our picture site.
The Traxxas Slash 1000 was awesome. 8 teams trying to get to 1000 laps, and the winning team...each member gets a Velineon system from Traxxas. Congrats to all the teams. All of them stuck it out and did finish the race. No team stopped due to mechanical reasons. We estimated, based on track length, 1000 laps will put you at about 49 miles of racing. Also a special plaque went to the racer who did the fewest laps and the most laps. Congrats to all who participated.

Our regular season ended on a great night of racing. I encourage you to go racing this summer. Enjoy yourself and the the summer to come because this past winter was long and cold. So go out and have fun!



We are adding a new class. At Downriver R/C we have had, past few weeks, an All Girls Slash class. This class is alot of fun for the girls, and it great to watch. So all of you guys out there who wife/GF has been sitting on the fence, if they want to run or not, here is the perfect class for them to run in. And NO, guys wearing wigs and dresses does not qualify you to run in the class.  :mrgreen:

Local Red Roof Inn has rooms at a discount. Mention Down River R/C Race for that weekend, and your discount applies.
Red Roof Inn
21230 Eureka Road
Taylor, MI 48180 (734) 374-1150


Merry Christmas!!

I hope everybody is getting what they want this year!!

From now on, all rookies that have brushless slash's, must run them in training mode. If you have any questions on how to do that, we will be happy to help you out.

The fliers for the 5th AMOCC and Traxxas Slash 1000 are now up. There is also pdf format for easy view and printing.


Due to the upgrades of the new BL Slash, it will not able to run in spec or the Traxxas Slash 1000. It simply is not the same truck as the previous version. So if anybody was thinking of swapping out the electronics and running the truck, it simply will not be allowed to run. In turn, you also cannot add these upgrades to the previous version of the Slash. Please keep this in mind.

Have a awesome Christmas!



It is official, The 5th Annual Michigan Offroad Carpet Championships will be on March 18th and 19th. The Traxxas Slash 1000 will be on March 20th. More details to follow including fliers.



Hey everybody.
I just wanted to say thanks for coming out and racing. I know we have had a full house the past few weeks, and we have been running late, but I want to express that we will do our best to keep running in a timely manner. Couple things that will help, is when you tell me what frequency you are on, make sure it is correct. Also make sure you are ready for your race. I dont like it when I have to start the race and people are not ready, or have last minute issues, but I need to keep the program running so we can get out a descent time. These two issues will speed things up greatly. If we can do these to things, that would be great.

Another issue we are looking at the new Traxxas Slash that is brushless. Currently it is not allowed in the rookie class. We are looking at all the options for the rookies, with this truck. Currently the rookie class needs to be stock motor or motor that came with the vehicle. This is the first vehicle to include a brushless system, and it defeats the purpose of "learning to race" on a track of Downriver R/C size. We should have a decision within a week.



I want to thank everybody for coming out on the first night. Great attendence and great racing. Thank you racers for keeping Downriver R/C alive.




We start racing next week. I hope everybody is ready go, and I am looking forward to seeing all of you. Myself Dan and Bobby will be attending the NRCTPA Worlds this weekend. As always it should be fun and interesting. I will post our results when we get back.

Seeya next week.



Hey everybody!!!
Ive updated a few of the web pages with new information. Please look threw them. Our official start date will be Oct 14th 2010. Im very excited about this season. Alot of new people last year, have improved their skills greatly at the end, so it should be a great start. We have discussed several things over the summer to keep this season interesting. I wont give out any details, because we have not decided yet, but we will do our best to keep it fun for all. See you on the 14th!!



Ok people..For our timing software, we use Alycat. Its cost effective, and it works right. As with any company, products go threw evolution. The release version of Alycat is 9.1 release 1. We have been using a beta version called 9.1 release 2. We have been a test site for quite some time. We have been offered to continue with this. We are testing Alycat 9.2 now. The new version already has alot of fixes for the Enduro racing I had posted on Alycat's website. Alycat has been awesome when it comes to fixing bugs that users find in the system. He usually has them fixed with 1-2 days. The racers wont notice any changes, except for maybe the print out looking different.



We now have a FaceBook page. Simply type in your search Downriver R/C.



Another season has come and gone. I want to thank everybody for coming out this season. We had a lot fun and I am glad everybody had a great time. I would like everybody to sign up with this website, with a email that is active, so I can email you on when we will start next season, or if we have something come up during the summer. It will make things easier for us to get in contact with you.

One again, Thank You!!



I hope everybody had fun at the 4th Annual Carpet Offroad Championships, and the Traxxas Slash 1000 Enduro Race. I will post links to pictures and video shortly. Saturdays Stadium racing was always fun. The Team Race was the highlight of the weekend. In fact, everybody that participated wants to do it again soon. They really dont want to wait until next year for it to happen. Cant blame them tho, it was the best race I had ever seen, or have been in!. Congrats to all the winners.

Currently we are trying to save money and buy some new carpet. The old carpet we had on the track is getting bad quickly. The carpet must be at least 10 years old!! Its only used for that event, but as the weekend went on, huge hair balls were forming along the edges. So please, come out racing on Thursdays, so we can get extra cash to buy some new carpet. Seeya at the track!


Dec 24 and Dec 31st

We will not be racing on these two days. I know..major withdraw symptoms, but that's the way it is. As always, after the holiday, we will see lots of new people and new equipment in use. Have a awesome Christmas and New Year.


4th Annual Michigan Carpet Offroad Championships

This year event will be held on February 19th, 20th, 21st of 2010 at Gibraltar Trade Center in Taylor MI. Mark your dates for this event. More info will follow in the next couple weeks. Please dont call Gibraltar Trade Center for info, they are simply hosting the event.



We will not be racing on Thanksgiving Day. Downriver RC wants everybody to have a great week off, and enjoy the good food. We will be racing at Riders in Ypsilanti on Sunday Nov 29th. Come on out and enjoy the fun. Their number is 734-971-6116 for any info you need.



On November 5th we will have a benefit race for Charlie Cox. Charlie past away on Oct 25th. He was only 16 years old. He was a regular at the Hall, and was getting better and better each season. He will be missed.
To show our support, on Oct 5th we are asking all racers to come out and race on his behalf. If you only run one class, please run two. All the proceeds from that night will go the Cox family, in memory of Charlie. There are others that are donating as well. Since Charlie ran a revo, we are asking all revo/emaxx drivers to come out and run. I myself will run mine as well. So please come out and support the Cox family.



There has been a thread on rc extreme about spec slash class and what is considered "spec". I want to make this perfectly clear for our upcoming season. Its posted on this website as well.

The truck for our slash spec class is "as it comes out of the box" with 2 changes allowed. You can change to a better radio and better servo. No other changes at all. none... If any changes are made and found, then you will run in Mod CORR truck.

I hope this clears up any questions..

Seeya at the track



We have decided to begin racing on Oct 15th. I hope this makes everybody happy!!! Please remember we will be enforcing all rules this year including lipo bags, ROAR approved lipo's as well as inspections on Slash Spec class. If needed, we will ask you to tear down your transmission to make sure you are not running a ball diff. I know this sounds like a pain, but that's the way it must be.
Downriver Hobby will be bringing parts in the next couple weeks to get your stuff up to speed. Make sure you get there and get or order what you need before its too late!

Seeya at the track


I hope everybody is having a great summer. Ive been racing at Riders in Ypsilanti on Sunday's, so my skills are not like last year. I should be coming out of the gate and running like earlier this spring. I hope everybody has had time to stop by at a local track and get some track time in.

We will be starting in mid October. I know there have been alot of questions of when we are going to start, so I hope this announcement makes you happy. The actual date will be announced later this month. There has been alot going on behind the scenes. There have been several enhancements that will become evident when we do our Gibraltar race next year.

There have been questions if we are moving etc.. Currently NO. We will continue to run at Dom Polski Hal. Over the summer I was looking at new places to move to, one was very promising, but it fell threw. It was nearly 3 times the size of Dom Polski. I guess I need to be more patient and will see what happens.

Riders Hobby shop of Taylor has been bought out. There is new owners and new name. Downriver Hobbies. They have assured me they will support Downriver R/C racers more now than Riders ever did. So please support them by getting all your gear from them.

Remember to look over the rules and make sure your stuff is ok. We will be enforcing the lipo battery rule this year. Only ROAR approved batteries that are on their list. Please dont show up with a soft pack or non-approved pack. We simply wont allow those batteries to run. In May, ROAR approved over 30 lipo batteries. So the list of batteries is rather large. Click here to get to the list.  Remember, we only allow 7.4 volt lipo packs and 7.2 volt nicad/nimh batteries.

If you need to contact someone about Downriver R/C Racing, feel free to call me at 734-732-6305. Please be patient as my phone has been hanging up on people when it feels like it.




Hey Gang

There are going to be some changes coming up this year. I want everybody to be aware of these changes so they can be ready for the winter. Something to keep in the back of your mind. Yea..I know, its just the start of summer, but hey...I gotta post something!!

Slash: We will continue with box stock slash, no changes are needed. Mod CORR class will be added to accommodate the SC10 and any Slash that is not Box Stock.

Emaxx/ERevo: There are some big changes. We will no longer allow these vehicles to be brushless. They can run the titan motors, or run the 775 motor that is supplied in the Summit Truck. I ran both Combat Chuck's truck and Mikey's Erevo with the 775 motor in it. It runs awesome. Very well balanced and tons of power. The 775 motor is also cheaper than 2 titan motors.

1/16th Slash and Revo
These will be allowed in the Mini Class. Since the Mini class is a open class, modifications can be made to the trucks. There will be one limitation, you can only run one 6 cell battery or two 6cell battery's but they must be wired in parallel, they will not be in series. We are allowing this because it is obvious the trucks need 2 batteries to maintain balance. Having a single battery on one side wont work well. This also goes for lipo that will be used in the truck.

Lipo's: This year will will only allow lipo's that are on ROAR's approved list. This is for insurance reasons.

This stuff is not up for discussion. We spent alot of time talking about this, and this is the route we will go.


The 2008-2009 season is over. I hope everybody had fun and enjoyed themselves. We have seen alot of new faces this year and I hope they come back next year. We also seen alot of people who started new this year, just simple excel so fast in their skills. Congrats to you as well.

There will be alot of places to run this summer, and if you want to try something different, go ahead  and get some experience in dirt racing. There are alot of very skilled racers, and they can teach you alot. Dont forget that Riders hobbies of Yspilanti will be running offroad on Sunday's, and they will also be having the Short Course Championships on May 17th. Register early for that that, it will save you some bucks.

Hopefully Ill see you at the track.



The big race went well. The results are already posted.

I want to thank everybody who helped make this run as smooth as it did. I also want to thank all the sponsors, and all the companies that donated door prizes. Without all these elements, it would have been, just another race.



Update on March Race rules.

Have a few updates for everybody.

Buggy class: You CAN run any type of mini pin or mini square tires.

Lipos: Since we are under NRCTPA insurance, the rules set forth by NRCTPA on lipos are as follows. If saddle packs are used, they must be hardcase saddle packs since ROAR hasnt approved enough of these batteries.

Can only used ROAR approved batteries on ROAR's site, and they can only be 2s lipos and must use a lipo sack/charging bag.

I am sorry for the inconvenience, but I have to follow those rules in order to have insurance for the race.


Apparently there are problems with viewing the website, with different browsers. IE 6 and 7 has major issues, while IE 8 has minor issues. Firefox views it perfectly fine. On other occasions there seems to be issues where there is no white backing behind the topics at all, its all the diamond plate.

You should be seeing this format. All the letter should stay in the white area. If there is no white background, Im not sure why, might be a occasional issue with freewebs.
This image will be bigger than the area due to its size.
I dont think its fixable issue, what do you expect with a free webhost...


Once again I had to cut down on some space to post race results. In a effort to save space, we will only post results from each season. We will no longer archive previous seasons results.



Due to limited space on this website, I had to eliminate some things. I apologize for this and I am looking at other hosting sites for us to use.



3rd Annual Offroad Carpet Championships

All flyers for the event weekend have been posted. If you have any questions simply call me or email me.




I want to apologize for all the technical issues we had last night. It was completely unexpected and it really took me by surprise.

As of this morning the issue has been fixed, and everything should be good for next week.

Once again, sorry for the inconvenience and we will see you next week!



With the point series coming up, I updated some of the general rules and class rules and posted them on the Forums for all to see. These rules have been used in the past, so they are nothing new.
If you have a question then please post it in the Q&A forum of the points series and I will answer it. I will also have sheets available on Thursday night so everybody will have a copy.
Please be ready for racing at 7:00P.M. That is the new start time.



Points series to begin Jan 15th

Ok here is the info...

Dates are as follows.
Jan 15th
Feb 5th
Mar 5th
April 5th (Wrap up and end of season, no points race)

10 weeks total with 2 drops.

4 or more vehicles in a class, must be required to accumulate points.

Points are 100, 99, 98 etc with TQ getting 1 extra point.

Rules will be strictly enforced. If you need to see the class rules, click on the class tab or rules tab for all the info.

I suggest you pick your class wisely, and stick with it. Points are not transferable to other classes.

Any questions, you can post on our forums, or on R/C Extreme's forums


R/C Extreme's site is currently down to drama...yea it happens. I have put up a temporary forum until nate decides to put it back up. You must register with the site with a legit email. If you dont, you will not be able to post. Please use forums as you like, but keep drama and general crap out of it. If the drama comes here, Ill simply turn this one off as well.




 We will start races at 7:00P.M. If you cannot make it on time for signup, then call a friend or fellow racer and I can add you. The reason for this change is due to our attendance increase.


Pictures page is updated...Enjoy


New Season starts Oct 16th

We decided on this after lengthy discussion and reviewing when we started last year. I know alot of you wanted to start sooner, but this is the best we can do with our current schedule.


Currently we are discussing when we will start racing again. You can expect sometime towards the end of September or early October. If anything changes, we will post here and on extremes forums.



Slash Class update
New update::::

Here is what is going on.
To keep the class fun and not blown out of proportions (hopups galore, including brushless that nobody else can afford) and also so you can go to other tracks on the weekend and compete with them, we are adopting the rules Washtenaw Raceway have adopted.

Here you go

Box stock with the stock motor with these exceptions.
1- Any Radio.
2- Any steering servo. I would encourage all to use the stock servo until a failure occurs. Then you could put in what ever you want. I say this for two reasons. One, it will be good to see just how durable the stock servo is for feedback on the vehicle. Two, helps keep the cost down.
3- Any 6 cell sub C pack, or 2S lipo pack. 7.2/7.4V
4-Any CORR style body and paint. Must come out to the outside of the tires like the kit body.
5- Fellow racers in the class will tech each others vehicles on occasion.
6- No aftermarket tires.

IF the motor goes bad, or the stock motor cant handle the racing on a tight track, we will at the point, look into the 19 turn or 27 turn motor possibility.


Pictures page coming soon!


Slash rules

New slash truck is out, and rules are being developed for this class. When the rules are determined we will post them here, as well as on the class page.

Effective 2008-2009 Season.

ROAR Rules will be followed when it comes to lipo batteries. This includes charging bags. Please make these changes before the start of the new season, otherwise you may not be able to run. This is very important for your safety as well as our continued use of the building. All information on  ROAR can be found here.

Thank you for your cooperation.