Downriver R/C

Michigan's Oldest R/C Track. Operating since 1986


Current classes are as follows, all classes are 10th scale.

Novice: Its a run what you brung class, but would like to see you run stock to get used to driving on a track

17.5 Blinky Stadium Truck: Must be sensored 17.5 motor, in Blinky

17.5 Blinky 2wd Buggy: Must be sensored 17.5 motor in Blinky

10.5 2wd SCT: Motor limit of 10.5, must use SCT body to keep realism. Body must come out over wheels.

4x4 Buggy: Motor limit of 13.5

Spec Slash: See below.

Basically you run the truck as brand new, out of the box with the current rules.

Bearings: Any aftermarket bearing can be used. Bearing kits are not to exceed $50 retail. Any aftermarket bearing can be replaced by a existing bearing. No bearings can be installed, if the orginal was a bushing (aka steering rack assembly).

Body: Any aftermarket body can be used. The Slash class is a truck class, so only truck bodies can be used (must use short course bodies). The tires must fit under the body being used. Some bodies will rub on the front tires due to high speed turning and jumping. You may put a spacer between the shock tower and the body post to acheive this clearance. Please use a shock piston from the Traxxas kit to achieve this.

Chassis: Must use stock chassis, in stock location without any modifications. All componets must be in original place including radio tray, speed controller, nerf bars etc. Front and rear bumpers must be in original positions, and installed. You may remove radio tray cover and keep it off during racing if needed. No wheelie bars. Weights can be added to tune the vehicle. Weights must be placed on the chassis and not on any suspension parts.

Differential: All components must be stock in stock locations. Diff must be able to move freely (no super glue of diff parts) and only grease is permitted inside the differential.

Gearing: Traxxas has 2 motors now. Motor with Torque ring, 18 tooth pinion, 86 spur. Without torque ring 16 pinion, 86 spur gear. 

Driveline: All rear and front suspension parts including drive shafts, must be unaltered, stock and in their stock positions. This includes all links, pins, turnbuckles and hardware.

Shock Towers: Front shock tower must be in stock position and unaltered. Rear shock tower must be in stock position, and only be altered as follows. If you wish to use the top camber hole, it must be ground out at the top a little bit for the camber link to move freely into the up position. This is the only allowable modification.

Hardware: All hardware must be unaltered, stock, and in the stock locations. This includes all pins and screws.

Electronics: Must use stock Titan 12 turn motor, and XL5 speed controller in thier stock locations. All componets must be unaltered and have thier stock hardware. Stock bullet connectors must be used. You may switch out the battery connector to the one you use (deans, light speed etc). You may switch out the reciever to the brand you use, but must put it in the stock location (inside the receiver box). May switch out the servo to the type you use, but still must maintain the stock servo saver. Servo saver must be unaltered (cannot use super glue to lock it), and no extra devices such as glitch busters, capacitors etc can be used. All of the stock components may not be altered in any way except for one item, you may make a small hole on the side of the radio tray for your attena wire. The 2.4 systems have a very short wire, and making the hole allows you to use the attena tube.

Wheels and tires: Wheels and tires must be stock traxxas tires,and rims, preassembled (standard tire, Kuhmo, or BFG)  No S3 compound will be allowed. Wheel wideners are not stock, and are not permitted.

Battery: Can only use 7.4 lipo, or 7.2, 6 cell nimh pack. 7 cell packs are not permitted.

All vehicles are subject to inspection by DRRC, and all rules are subject to change as new kits are released by Traxxas.

 This class is going to be a "cost effective" class,  because the truck is inexpensive, and meant to be fun. We will do our best to keep it that way.

Check with rules page, those rules override these (tire rule).