Downriver R/C

Michigan's Oldest R/C Track. Operating since 1986


As with every track we do have rules. They are as follows.

Must put duct tape on bottom of chassis.
Must use gear covers.
No foam tires
No motor sprays
No traction compounds
No spike tires
Must have pit towels covering entire table.
No swearing
No smoking

Cannot use reverse in practice or racing.

During races, please stay quiet on the drivers stand (Drivers and those waiting for next race).

Do not talk to the computer operator.

When you are Marshaling, do not talk to other people, please pay attention to the race.

You must marshal after your race. If you cannot marshal, you are responsible to find one, not the track Director.
You must be ready for your qualifier, if you are not, they will start without you.
Only 6 cell nimh/nicd or 2s 7.4v Lipo Battery packs in all classes.

If you break during the main's you cannot re-enter the race.

You must stay on the drivers stand if you break

Marshall's cannot fix cars.
No S1 compound tires are permitted.
Lipo Battery Rule: Any hardcase battery from the manufacturers. Home made cases are not allowed.
Special rules may be added for special race events.